Ennio Cominetti
Notes on the Organ
Notes for understanding the complex and passionate world of the pipe organ. English language
Publisher:  EurArte , Varenna  2017
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Pages: 180
This book stems from the author’s collaboration with Italian music magazines over twenty years. The various items, content ranging from technical and interpretative aspects of the organ to the analysis of specific pieces of some of the most significant composers, are assembled here with the intention of disseminating the complex and fascinating world of the organ, an instrument with a two thousand year history, to a wider public. The simplicity with which the different themes are treated, make this book a useful aid for those who experience the organ, be it as a performer (professional or amateur) or simply through listening.
Part I
The Organ
From Sound Machine to King of Instruments
The Relationship Between Church and Organist
in Centuries Past
Concerts in Catholic Church
Safeguarding Historic Instruments
Criteria and Methods for Proper Restoration of
Historic Instruments

Part II
The Flemish Organbuilder Wilhelm Hermans, builder
of the organ of the Cathedral of Como
The Organ Builders of Como and Valtellina in Relation
to the New Methods Imported by Wilhelm Hermans
The Organ of the Church of St. Nicholas the Great,
Salve (Lecce)
The Antegnati organ of the Palatine Basilica
of Gonzaga in Mantova
The Cypress Pipe Organ in the Church
of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Montepulciano

Part III
Contribution to the Aesthetic of the Registration of
Baroque Music in the Description of the Hermans
Organ in the Cathedral of Como
Organ Registration According to Gaetano Callido
Rules for Organ Registration by Giuseppe Serassi (1787)

Part IV
The Contribution of Italian Music to the Development
of German Organ Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries
Italian Style in the Free Organ Compositions
of Johann Sebastian Bach
The Well-Tempered Clavier of Johann Sebastian Bach
Theological References in the Organ Music
of Johann Sebastian Bach

Part V
Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, the Precursors
of Concerto Form
Bernardo Pasquini, Grand Italian Organist of the 17th Century
Francesco Spagnoli (Rusca), Organist and Choirmaster
of the Cathedral of Como
Domenico Zipoli, a recently rediscovered great organist
The Biblical Sonatas of Johann Kuhnau
The Six Organ Concerti of Michel Corrette
In the Footsteps of Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach
Organ Music in Venice at the Time of Vivaldi
Giovanni Battista Martini
The Church Sonatas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Gaetano Donizetti and the Organ
The Relationship Between Rossini and Organ Music
of the 1800s
The Organ Works of Luigi Cherubini
Franz Schubert and the Organ
The Organ Works of Robert Schumann
The Organ Works of Johannes Brahms
César Franck, the Greatest French Organist
of the 19th Century
Vincenzo Petrali
Pietro Bossi
The Organ in Italy at the End of the 1800s Before
Marco Enrico Bossi
Marco Enrico Bossi, The Most Important Italian Organist
of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Lorenzo Perosi and the Organ
The Organist Albert Schweitzer
The Organ Music of Ferruccio Busoni
Johann Nepomuc David
The Organ Works of Jehan Alain
Olivier Messiaen
The Organ Works of Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco
The Organ Compositions of Gyorgy Ligeti
Selected Bibliography


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