Larissa Rimoldini
Filastrocche e Canti Tradizionali Italiani
250 titoli con varianti ritmiche, melodiche e lessicali - descrizione di 70 giochi e animazioni
Publisher:  EurArte , Varenna  2009
Code: EA P0736/A/B
Collection: Didattica
Price: € 29,90
Pages: 300
Music constitutes the perfect occasion for play and a fundamental pedagogic tool: it promotes the stimulation of curiosity, fantasy, intuition and the assimilation of the syntatic-grammatic rules of sound discourse.

Through their text, counts and rhymes generate rhythm, melody and movement. Beyond their musical aspects, games and role-play create occasions for relationship building with others through the sharing of a common goal. With their specific aesthetic and formal qualities popular songs can give precious insight into techno-linguistic characteristics.

The wealth of materials proposed in the text can be used “in the field”, with various age groups and can at the same time become a working object - for example through taking apart and re assembling the rhythm and phraseology, the transformation of style and arrangement - and object of didactic reflection on the part of secondary school students or those with a socio-pedagogic interest.
Look a bit of the score:
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