Larissa Rimoldini
200 Esercizi di Lettura cantata
in notazione semplificata e sul pentagramma
Publisher:  Eurarte  2008
Code: EA P0701
Collection: Didattica - Il Solfeggio e il Dettato musicale
Price: € 19,50
200 SINGING-READING EXERXISES - In simplified notation and on the staff, from traditional Italian songs

Inspired by "333 reading excercises" by Zoltán Kodály, these 200 singing-reading excercises are written on the staff as well as in simplified notation, in order to be used at different stages of learning. The collection presents a series of themes drawn from traditional Italian songs, arranged in accordance with the progression of interval ratios of tonic sol-fa, i.e. owing to their melodic content. The exercises are sorted by gradually increasing difficulty, featuring biphonic, triphonic, trichordal, tetraphonic, pentaphonic, pentachordal, hexaphonic, hexachordal, heptaphonic, and heptachordal songs, in major and minor modes, with alterations. […] All thematic material lends itself to singing-reading at first sight and suggests a repertoire for dictations, rhythmic-melodic riddles, and work on the critical use of tonalities and alterations. Becoming able to read imagining interiorly musical phrases means achieving one of the highest objectives within the scope of music reading and it manifests a complete development the melodic ear.
From the preface by Larissa Rimoldini
Look a bit of the score:
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  200 Esercizi di Lettura cantata
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